Children & Young People

What children's therapy services do we offer?

Children Playing in Park
Play Based Therapy

Younger children will find it harder to effectively articulate what is going on for them and how they feel about it. Through play, younger children are able to communicate using a range of creative means, with the specially trained therapist, who analyses, interprets and supports them as they explore their internal world through creativity.

Who can it help?

This approach is effective for children who have limited language and cognitive functioning. 

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Youth Counselling/MBT-A

A safe space for young people to explore and identify the issues they are struggling with and, using specific strategies and techniques, find more effective ways of viewing or coping with them. 


Who can it help?

Older children and young people also adults

Mentalisation Based Therapy - Adolescents

What is Mentalization Based Therapy (MBT)?

Mentalization is the ability to think about what we and others are thinking. This helps us to link thoughts, feelings and beliefs to actions and behaviours. MBT aims to improve the capacity to mentalise. It focuses on developing the ability to mentalise and think about what is going on in our mind and in the minds of others, make sense of and work through problem behaviours. 

Who can it help?

This approach is for children, young people and whole families. It helps reinforce mentalizing, develop communication skills and mutually supportive solutions to problems.

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