Integrative Counselling

What do we offer?

Integrative Counselling

What is Integrative Counselling? 

Integrative Counselling is a combined approach  that brings together

different elements of specific therapies such as Cognitive and Behavioural,

Psychodynamic, Humanistic Therapies. The view is that each person

needs to be considered as a whole and counselling must be tailored to their

individual and personal circumstances. 

How can it help?

It can help providing a flexible focus on the individual as a whole tailoring to meet needs and concerns. It can be beneficial for those who wants to overcome negative patterns caused by anxiety, depression and emotional issues that impacts life satisfaction.

Who is it for?

Due to the in-depth exploration of issues and setting of goals, integrative counselling typically requires a substantial commitment from  the client. It may not suit those who want a quick, solution-focused approach to personal development. The length of the therapy will depend on the client and the types of issues that are being addressed.

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